1. International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Student Member Travel Grants

Our Symposium is supported by The International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) ( with travel grants for IAS student members to attend the meeting with an active contribution (oral or poster). Please refer to the IAS website and check the IAS eligibility criteria and procedure first. Application is via IAS-website and procedure only, not by the organizers of the 10th ISC 2017.


2. Financial Support for Scientists from developing countries

The organizers will make efforts to financially support scientists from ‘developing countries’ (see list e.g. here, and particularly young (having completed an MSc or equivalent grade, and being PhD/doctoral student or post-doctoral researcher younger than 35) and women researchers to participate in our meeting. Eligible people may (partially) receive support to cover some of their travel expenses.

However, thus far we cannot make any concrete promises. Whatever support will be available, eligible candidates will have to cover all expenses first and may then apply for re-imbursements that will be paid after the symposium.

To apply for and announce the potential need for support, please contact Veronika Koukal (E-mail) before January 31, 2017, by E-mail with:

Subject: 10th ISC 2017 Financial Support Enquiry

1. Just shortly state that you would ask for support.

2. Please give your full name, age, gender, and unversity address.

3. Please give your status (PhD student, post doc, project employee or the like)

4) Students, doctoral/PhD students, and postdoctoral young researchers (younger than 35 at time of registration) please also provide (attach) a PDF (scan) of your student-ID and Passport


Thank you!



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